About The eCenter

Interested in growing your business in Delaware County?

The eCenter is a partnership between the Delaware County Office of Economic Development, the Delaware County Industrial Development Agency, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and SUNY Delhi. These organizations are working together to grow business in Delaware County and they welcome yours. The eCenter is your first stop on the road to a successful and smooth transition.

Microenterprise Program

This 14-session course walks you through the process from idea development to business plan. Examine the viability of your idea, discover what you need to operate effectively, learn to market your goods and/or services, explore financing options, utilize the advantage that comes with technology, build a network of support. Taught by professionals working in their fields, this course makes available real-time expertise to ensure that your business plan reflects a concrete path to a winning business. Graduates of the program may be eligible for special financing through area banks. This program has already led to the creation of over 350 new jobs in Delaware County. Your business idea could become the next great success story.


Being successful in business requires us to develop a range of skills we are not born knowing: how to be an effective supervisor, how to market your goods and services, how to manage time efficiently, how to make sense of financial reports, etc. Business courses at the eCenter give you the opportunity to master those skills that will lead to excellence because they are tailored to the needs of Delaware County’s business people.

Computer Classes

Computer technology is a must for today’s business people. Computers can be used to keep finances straight and do the books, write, send and receive communications and they open up a world of potential customers via the internet. The eCenter’s computer classes are designed to make it easy for you to master the software programs that will support you in succeeding. Classes are held in a state-of-the-art computer lab. They are three hours long and taught at three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Regularly scheduled classes include Computer Basics, Microsoft Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office programs, Quickbooks, Adobe Photoshop, Website Design, and more.



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