When we decided to move to Delaware County from the NYC area in 2002, I recognized that starting a business in a rural area could be a challenge. The quality of life factor made the move a risk worth taking. Starting a business in upstate New York also seems to be much more affordable then anywhere else in the state.

I started GrafiQa Creative Services in an incubator office space, at the time the rent seemed high but it was by far the most affordable in the area. The facility included all utilities and many shared resources like high speed internet, copier, phone and fax which helped more then I knew. After our stay in the incubator we grew from one to four employees and last year we purchased and renovated our own building. We currently have an extensive client list which includes companies from across the state. I recognize that part of our success exists thanks to the business incubator program and facilities like the e-center.

I believe that a successful business depends upon many factors including tireless work, passion and a bit of luck. We are extremely fortunate to have a facility like the e-center located in the heart of Delaware County which provides the tools to make high-tech business in a beautiful area a real possibility.

Christopher Quereau

Vibrant Creative

I needed a refresher on a handful of software programs, which I found conveniently offered at the eCenter.  Workshop facilitator Maggie Inge shared with me shortcuts and smarter ways of working Microsoft programs which will ultimately save me keystrokes and time.  I walked away with something valuable from each session.  I encourage anyone learning-from-scratch, or better yet, anyone eager to re-fresh existing computer skills, to take advantage of the eCenter’s offerings.

Tara Collins

Communications Director

Watershed Agricultural Council

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